Five Myths And Facts About The Flu Shot

Flu Shot : There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the flu shot and the flu or influenza. Corporate flu shot providers explain why the top five of them that have been discredited:

1. Myth- The flu is not that serious, it’s just a bad cold

Incorrect: The fact is that the influenza is an often severe and a potentially life threatening disease that is known to kill over half a million people around the world each year. It is responsible for hundreds and thousands of sick days and places many thousands of people in the hospital each year. This resulting in the loss of millions of dollars worth of lost work and income.

Influenza is a highly contagious viral infection that affects the respiratory tract and if not treated can attack other organs in the body causing severe complications.

2. Myth- The flu is a normal and natural condition, most people can expect to get the flu each year, so healthy people do not need this.

Incorrect: Most people can easily avoid getting the flu by having an annual flu Vaccination the best time is May to June, but the flu is active year round so it is never too late.

3. Myth- Having a flu shot can cause a person to get the flu

Incorrect: The flu shots administered by corporate flu shot providers do not contain any living viruses, so it is impossible for them to cause the flu. What the vaccine contains stimulates the immune system which in some people can cause some temporary mild flu like symptoms.

4. Myth- The flu shot is only necessary for high risk and elderly patients.

Incorrect: Influenza affects people of all ages and levels of health, it does not discriminate between young or old people, it poses a real risk to everyone. Any person who does not want to become affected by the flu is advised to get a shot every year.

5. Myth- Because a person was vaccinated last year they are OK and do not need to be vaccinated this year

Incorrect: Every year, influenza changes or mutates so there are different types or strains circulating every flu season. Every flu season a new vaccine is manufactured so that it is up to date and provides the best possible cover for those vaccinated. It is important that everyone who is six months or older gets a shot each year to help stop the spread of this virus in the community.

Once vaccinated, it takes two weeks before full immunity develops and then the protection declines over time, so a yearly flu shot is needed for a person to have the optimum available protection.

Having your annual flu shot helps prevent the spread of this nasty virus in our community. Everyone from 6 months old including the elderly and pregnant or expectant mothers are strongly advised to have their shots. There is no factual evidence to show it has any detrimental effect at all.